A new look i-Timesheets website!

We’ve just launched our new look i-Timesheets website!

i-Timesheets Homepage
We’ve updated the design and interface for a cleaner, more contemporary look, and added a new area to our Demo Rooms so that you can now view a Demo featuring our new Quickbooks Integration Module.

Our Support section has also been re-structured and beefed up, with an easy to use FAQ to help TimePro Admins and Users find answers to their frequently asked questions.

Have a look and let us know what you think!


i-Timesheets Coffee Connoiseurs

Here at i-Timesheets, we all enjoy our morning caffeine hit, so, as a bit of a departure from our usual blog updates, we thought we’d ask a few personages in Team i-Timesheets about their favorite coffee.


Petar:  “I can’t go without my morning flat white. I have a coffee machine at home and take my first shot there.”

Emma: “Skinny long mac + 1 for me thanks. That’s savage!” (You can tell she’s Irish!)

Steve: “Flat white for me thanks!”

David: “A cappucino +1 please.”

Seng: “Double shot espresso!”

From Xero to Hero: i-Timesheets integrates with Xero!

We’re upgrading i-Timesheet’s Accounting Integration Modules to enable integration with the Xero online accounting system

Using the new Xero Accounting Integration Module, you can export time records as invoices for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable in Xero.

Key features of the new integration with Xero:

  • You can export Xero Customer and Supplier data into i-Timesheets. This will help set up and configure i-Timesheets to match your Xero records.
  • You can export time records from i-Timesheets into Xero to generate Accounts Payable Invoices and Accounts Receivable Invoices.

You no longer need to manually create the invoices in Xero! Stay tuned for more news about our new Xero Integration Module.