Now Available i-Timesheets v5.3

Intertec are proud to announce that the next version of its world class web timesheets management system is now available: i-Timesheets v5.3.

i-Timesheets version 5.3 features and enhancements are based on feedback from our valued customers and reflects our commitment to ensure i-Timesheets continues to meet your time recording and time tracking requirements.

Some of the major enhancements include:

  • New Manager Reporting
  • i-Timesheets now integrates with Xero Online Accounting
  • Time Clock Punch In/Out Interface
  • New Project Timesheet Report
  • New i-Timesheets Colour Schemes
  • Integration with the latest MYOB releases
  • Plus more…

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A new look i-Timesheets website!

We’ve just launched our new look i-Timesheets website!

i-Timesheets Homepage
We’ve updated the design and interface for a cleaner, more contemporary look, and added a new area to our Demo Rooms so that you can now view a Demo featuring our new Quickbooks Integration Module.

Our Support section has also been re-structured and beefed up, with an easy to use FAQ to help TimePro Admins and Users find answers to their frequently asked questions.

Have a look and let us know what you think!

From Xero to Hero: i-Timesheets integrates with Xero!

We’re upgrading i-Timesheet’s Accounting Integration Modules to enable integration with the Xero online accounting system

Using the new Xero Accounting Integration Module, you can export time records as invoices for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable in Xero.

Key features of the new integration with Xero:

  • You can export Xero Customer and Supplier data into i-Timesheets. This will help set up and configure i-Timesheets to match your Xero records.
  • You can export time records from i-Timesheets into Xero to generate Accounts Payable Invoices and Accounts Receivable Invoices.

You no longer need to manually create the invoices in Xero! Stay tuned for more news about our new Xero Integration Module.

i-Timesheets: Perfect for engineers

A good proportion of i-Timesheets customers are engineering firms that need where the ability to accurately track time and manage costs is critical in reducing scope creep, slippage and over-budget in projects.

i-Timesheets provides engineering companies with a powerful and flexible timesheet system that lets you track time and costs on individual projects and services.

The i-Timesheets suite of reports and its integration with MS Project give you the ability to monitor and track your projects right down to the level of their component tasks.

i-Timesheets’s optional MYOB Integration Module also makes the process of billing your clients easier and more streamlined.

Key i-Timesheets Features for Engineers

Web-based, easy-to-use timesheets: i-Timesheets is completely web-based, so your engineers and project managers can enter times anywhere and at any time. i-Timesheets timesheets are so easy to use that no training is required for Users.

Flexible time entry configuration: Built-in Time Entry options let you set up i-Timesheets to suit your business’ time recording requirements:

  • Set up timesheets for daily or weekly time entry.
  • Configure timesheets for entry of Start and Finish times, or Worked Hours.

Expense tracking: i-Timesheets features Expense recording and tracking, letting your staff log in their expenses which you can then track across a range of i-Timesheets reports.

Budget and cost tracking: i-Timesheets reports make it easy for managers to quickly see how time and costs are tracking against budget. Simply assign budgets to Projects and Tasks and let i-Timesheets’s bevy of reports show how these Projects and Tasks are performing against the time and costs recorded against them. This is ideal for busy project managers who need to have their fingers on the pulse at all times.

With i-Timesheets, you can generate reports showing time and cost for Projects, Staff, Expenses, Tasks and Budget. If there’s a report type that isn’t included in i-Timesheets out-of-the-box, we can build it for you.

Detailed drilldowns: Need further detail about data presented in a report? Simply click the Drilldown function to view all time and cost records associated with the report item.

Global projects: Global Projects make it easy for you to set up Projects that are worked on by all Staff. Simply flag a Project as a Global Project when created and all Staff will be assigned to this Project. You can also set up default charge and cost rates for Staff working on Global Projects.

MS Project integration: Do you use Microsoft Project to plan, monitor and track your Projects? i-Timesheets lets you import Project Tasks and their attached budgets into the system, and export the tasks and actuals back into MS Project to keep your MS Project data updated with the latest time and cost recorded in i-Timesheets.

Manager authorisation: i-Timesheets’s automated Manager Authorisation managers review and approve of submitted timesheets via email. Staff no longer need to go through the time-consuming process of printing their timesheets and having them signed by their manageri-Timesheets enables timesheets authorisation at the click of a button!

i-Timesheets gives you the option of using Electronic Signatures: automatically attach Staff signatures to their timesheet. You can also include Managers’ signatures to indicate authorisation of timesheets.

Print timesheets: Need hard copy timesheets? i-Timesheets’s print timesheets feature lets you create printed timesheets, complete with electronic signatures, if enabled. You can choose from a range of timesheet templates in which to display data on your printed timesheets. Template options include start/finish times, worked hours and the inclusion of Task and Descriptors in the timesheets.

We can also create customised printed timesheets for you, with their own unique format and featuring your company’s logo (custom feesl apply).

Check timesheets: Forget about having to chase staff for timesheet submissions. With a click of a button in i-Timesheets, you can see who has yet to complete their timesheets and send them an automatic e-mail reminder.

Rates for different roles: Do you have Staff working on the same Project in different roles, who are charged out depending on their role on the Project? i-Timesheets gives you the flexibility of multiple assignments of Staff to Projects.

Bulk change: Maintaining timesheet records can be time consuming – especially when you’re dealing with large, complex Projects. With i-Timesheets’s Bulk Change feature, you can significantly reduce the time spent on editing or modifying these records.

Bulk Change is a powerful tool which streamlines the maintenance of Staff Project records by letting you update multiple Staff Project records retrospectively. Perfect for when you need to update Charge and Cost rates in the new year.

MYOB integration: If your business uses MYOB for accounting and invoicing, let i-Timesheets’s MYOB Integration Module automate and streamline the process of creating Sales Invoices and Purchases Invoices in MYOB. Simply export your time records into MYOB and generate your invoices directly in MYOB without further effort.

You can also export i-Timesheets records as Activity Slips into MYOB for time billing processing or payroll integration. This powerful module will significantly reduce your administrative overheads.

Cost code tracking: Does your business operate across different cost centres or offices in different locations? Do you need to track times and costs across these centres? i-Timesheets offers the ability for you to track times and costs across centres using our Cost Code facility. Simply assign staff working on specific projects to Cost Codes, and use the Cost Code report to track the charges and costs at these centres.

Configurable settings: Every business has its own unique time recording, management and invoicing processes. To accommodate our very broad client base, i-Timesheets has over 60 configurable items allowing you to tailor the system to suit your business rules and processes. i-Timesheets provides flexibility and adaptability in the one out-of-the-box solution!

i-Timesheets for mobile devices: With i-Timesheets’s Compact Interface, you can enter your timesheets using portable mobile devices (PDAs, Blackberrys, iPhones, Palm Pilots and Pocket PCs). The Interface gives Users a neat and compact screen for core time-entry activities, making i-Timesheets available for your mobile workforce.

Track time with more power: i-Timesheets 5.2 release

i-Timesheets v5.2 boasts a range of enhancements that make i-Timesheets a more powerful and more efficient web timesheets system for your business. With v5.2, we extend i-Timesheets’s accounting package integration to include QuickBooks. You can now integrate i-Timesheets with QuickBooks for invoicing, Bills, Timesheets and Expenses.

New major enhancements

QuickBooks Integration
i-Timesheets has been significantly enhanced to integrate with QuickBooks for invoicing and timesheets. You can now:

  • Import Quickbooks Customers and Suppliers into i-Timesheets to set up your i-Timesheets Customer and Supplier records.
  • Export time records and expenses as QuickBooks Invoices, Bills, Timesheets and Expenses.

Time Entry Replication
Time recorded for a given day can now be copied to one or more other days via an Advanced Options link at the bottom left of the Time Entry screen. This new feature can be enabled/disabled via a Configuration option in the i-Timesheets Settings. This is a quick and convenient way to save time if users have to enter the same times across a number of days or weeks. For example entry of extended holiday leave.

i-Timesheets Co-branding
Co-branding gives you the option of having your company logo appear in the i-Timesheets application. Co-branded systems will display your company logo, followed by the caption “powered by i-Timesheets”. While a select few of our i-Timesheets v5.1 customers adopted an earlier version of the co-branding functionality, the i-Timesheets v5.2 upgrade builds on the technology in that the feature has now been fully implemented to include co-branding across i-Timesheets screens, timesheet templates and standard reports. Note: Consulting fees apply for co-branded i-Timesheets systems.

Enhanced Data Exports
Major improvements have been made to the i-Timesheets Data export function, which now allows you to create and save data exports to re-run at later dates. In addition to the Time and Expense data exports, you can now also export Attendance data.

You can also edit existing saved Exports, or make a copy of an existing saved Export.

Check Manager Authorisations
A new “Check Managers” function has been added to the Timesheet-Check screen to resend Managers any pending authorisation emails for timesheets. This circumvents the previous workaround of unlocking and re-submitting staff timesheets in order to resend the authorisation emails.

Forgotten Password Reset
Users who have forgotten their passwords can now reset their passwords for themselves without having to contact their i-Timesheets administrator.

New Staff Cost Detail Report
A new Staff Cost Detail Report has been created which is similar to the existing extensively used Project Cost Detail Report but is Staff-focussed rather than Project-focussed.

New Multi-tab Configuration Settings Screen
The i-Timesheets Configuration Settings screen has been made more user-friendly via an enhanced tabbed interface. Each Configuration Setting category is now represented by its very own Tab. Click on a Category Tab to view the configuration settings in that category.This tabbed interface makes it easier to quickly configure your i-Timesheets settings. You can make multiple configuration changes across different Categories all at once, and then click the Save Settings button to commit the changes you have made.

Enhanced Global Projects
Our powerful Global Project function has been significantly enhanced. Staff which had not previously been allocated to Global Projects can now be assigned to Global Projects, and i-Timesheets will retroactively create the relevant Staff Project Records allocating Staff to all Global Projects. Similarly, existing i-Timesheets Projects which were not previously marked as Global Projects can now be set as Global Projects, and i-Timesheets will retroactively create the relevant Staff Project Records allocating Staff to this Global Project.

Other Enhancements

Project Lists and Multi Selectors: Project selection lists in reports now show the disabled Projects at the end of the list flagged with a different background colour. Reports which have a project dropdown with the new multi-selector now only show active Projects by default. In addition, new multi-selectors for Staff and Projects have been introduced on many reports/exports and the Batch Print screen.

Full description text displayed in Time and Expense entry screens: The full Description text can now be viewed in a pop up when you move your mouse pointer over the Description field in the Time Entry or Expense Entry screens. This lets you read the full Description without having to click on the Description field and scrolling through the text entered there.

Date Selection on Reports: To improve the usability of reports, i-Timesheets now remembers and defaults to the most recent date range entered in reports during a given session.

Auditing of Tasks: The Audit module and Report has been updated to track inserts, deletions and changes to Global Tasks and Project Specific Tasks.

Accounting System Selection: You can now select your Accounting System from the i-Timesheets System Configuration settings. Choose between MYOB or Quickbooks.

New Alert Message if System has been Disabled for Normal Users: Should the “Normal Users May Access” configuration setting be set to Off, i-Timesheets will display a constant message informing Administrators that access has been set to Admin users only.

MYOB Integration Module Enhancements

  • MYOB Integration Module: We have updated the i-Timesheets MYOB Integration Module to enable integration with the latest range of MYOB Accounting and Business Products, including:

MYOB Account Right Standard 19x (Australia)
MYOB Account Right Plus 19x (Australia)
MYOB Account Right Premier 19x (Australia)
MYOB Account Right Enterprise 19x (Australia)
MYOB Accounting Edge 9
MYOB Account Right Standard 19x (New Zealand)
MYOB Account Right Plus 19x (New Zealand)
MYOB Account Right Premier 19x (New Zealand)
MYOB Account Right Premier with Payroll 19x (New Zealand)
MYOB Account Right Enterprise 19x (New Zealand)
MYOB Accounting Edge 9 (New Zealand)

  • Enhanced MYOB Activity Slips Export: The MYOB Activity Slips Export has been extensively enhanced to now give you the ability to export Expense records as well as Time records. In addition, many new options have been introduced to allow significant flexibility in the mapping of fields between i-Timesheets’s available fields and the MYOB Activity Slips fields. Key enhancements include the following:
  • The ability to export Expense records as Activity Slips.
  • More options for content to be included in the Notes field (now extended to optionally include Project Description, Task External ID and the MYOB Line Item Order).
  • The option to select the Value to be supplied as Rate in the Activity Slips Export. You can choose to use the Staff Project Charge Rates stored in i-Timesheets, or to use the Rates stored in MYOB.
  • Options for values to be supplied as Activity ID, MYOB Job and MYOB Payroll Category now include: Projects MYOB Job number, Staff Projects Cost Code, Staff Projects Description, Staff Projects MYOB Activity ID, Staff Projects Role, Staff Reference, Task Description, Task External ID or a value entered by the Admin User.
  • Multiple Customers, Projects, Staff, Staff Type and Expense Codes can now be selected for the same Activity Slips export (previously, single selection or all was only available for each category).
  • The various export selections that you choose are now saved for when you next run the export.
  • MYOB Customers and Suppliers: When a MYOB Customer or MYOB Supplier record is created manually (ie. not via importing from MYOB), you can now select to generate the corresponding i-Timesheets Customer or Supplier record automatically.