Intertec coffee experiment

The Intertec offices were brewing this week, brewing with coffee that is.

There has always been a lot of banter around the office when it comes to coffee: where to get our next takeaway, what’s the perfect ratio of coffee to milk, which coffee machine is best for home, what beans origin is the tastiest etc. One of these discussions turned to how does a serious coffee machine compare to the ever popular Nespresso.

Steve volunteered to bring in his beefy Sunbean with a separate standalone grinder vs Emma’s dainty Nespresso with milk frother attachment. Steve went first using freshly roasted beans from Fiori in the grinder, wasn’t long before a beautiful aroma filled the office. The end product was a flat white that was on par to a top-end coffee house cafe.

Emma stepped up next and smashed out all the coffees before you could say snap. The pod used was the Ristretto variety to try match the strength from Steve’s strong hit. The flavour was very reasonable but just didn’t have the depth of aroma and freshness of Steve’s.

There was general consensus that the Sunbean (and Steve) did a great job, but there is a lot of effort and time that goes into making a cup, not to mention the cost of the setup is 4 times more expensive than the Nespresso. After all the action we continued our regular group meeting at accelerated pace thanks to the caffeine fix.



i-Timesheets v5.4 now available

Intertec are proud to announce the next release of i-Timesheets v5.4, packed with new features that are designed to streamline your time sheet tracking and management processes.

i-Timesheets enhancements are largely based on feedback from our valued customers and reflects our strong commitment to provide you with software that continues to add ‘real’ value to your business.

Major Enhancements

New Timesheet Authorisation Screen

Administrators and Managers have access to authorise timesheets via a new Authorisation Screen. When you setup a Manager in i-Timesheets and you link that Manager to a Staff Logon you have the option to allow them to authorise by email and/or the new authorisation screen.

Once the Manager record has been created and assuming you have authorisation enabled then the Authorisation Screen should appear as a new tab alongside the Check Timesheets screen as shown in the screen capture below.

Timesheet Authorisation Screen.

Note:  For Managers the new Authorisation Screen will appear for either Project or Staff Managers depending on how you have authorisation configured in i-Timesheets.

Key Benefits:

  • Administrators and Managers can do bulk approval/rejection of staff timesheets for a given period.
  • Quick access to view the staff timesheet plus a link to the standard drill-down function for a detailed listing of time and expense records.
  • Administrators can filter based on ‘All Managers’ or a selected Manager.  Managers see their pending authorisations only.
  • Administrators can filter pending authorisations based on ‘All Projects’ or a selected Project.
  • Project Managers can filter pending authorisations for Projects they manage.  Staff Managers can view pending authorisations for Staff they manage.
  • Administrators can override Managers authorisations when submitting staff timesheets.
  • In the Audit tables the system records the Manager who does the actual authorisation via the screen as this may be different to the Manager who is sent the original request to authorise.
  • Display a high-level summary table of the hours and costs associated with the pending authorisations.

New Compact Interface

Mobile DevicesWe have completely revamped our compact interface for time entry using smartphones and other mobile devices. The new Compact interface not only looks great with the carry-over of colour schemes from the desktop interface but more importantly Compact offers core functionality for a mobile workforce including time and expense entry as well as the ability to submit timesheets for authorisation.

Compact Interface features include:

  • Secure login
  • Weekly and daily timesheet view
  • Time and expense entry
  • Time entry validation
  • Timesheet submit
  • Start/Stop time recording
  • Calendar control
  • Maintain active session
  • Colour schemes and themes
  • Support for most mobile devices running industry standard web browsers

The Compact Interface is also available directly from the desktop interface using the ‘Switch View’ button located in the top far right of the Timesheet View screen as highlighted in the screen capture below.

New Compact Interface

The ability to switch views from the desktop interface means that users now have the option to choose an alternative compact interface for time tracking. The ability to maintain an active session coupled with start and stop timers makes Compact a useful desktop tool for continuous time entry on multiple projects/tasks.

Reference and Note Fields

To allow the entry and storage of additional information, Reference and Note field are now available on all key entities including Staff, Projects, Tasks, Customers and Suppliers.

New Compact Interface

Time Entry Start/Stop Timers

Start and stop timer buttons are now available on the time add/edit screen.

If your system is configured to use start and finish times then by clicking the start button the system will automatically insert the current time as the Start Time. Once you have completed your project/task then click the stop button to have the system insert the current time as your Finish Time. Time Entry Start/Stop Timers
If your system is configured to use entry of hours worked only then by clicking the start button the system will start a timer on the screen inside the Worked Hours field. The timer will continue to tickover every second until you press the stop button. Once you press the stop button the system will insert the time spent in the Worked Hours field. Time Entry Start/Stop Timers

You can start a new timer on a second project/task which will then automatically stop the previous timer.

Note: Start and stop timers are supported on both the desktop and compact interface.

Manager and Audit reporting enhancementsManager and Audit reporting enhancements

One of the major benefits of email authorisation has and still is the fact that the manager can simply click on an embedded link in an email to view the staff timesheet and accept/reject the timesheet.

However if a pending authorisation email is subsequently forwarded to another manager to authorise then we don’t have the information required to track the manager who may have approved the timesheet and so the originating manager is captured as the authoriser in this case.

With the introduction of screen based authorisation requiring a login we have enhanced the auditing of the timesheet authorisation process for capturing the manager who did the actual approval. This is especially important as Administrators can now access the Authorisation screen to approve/reject timesheets. We have also added the ability for Managers to override pending authorisations if they need to intervene and submit a staff timesheet.

In addition the auditing function now captures a snapshot of the changes before and after. The audit reports present this information in ‘Last updated’ date order using colour coding to easily identify the event that took place, i.e. Insert, Change (from/to) or Delete.

Manager and Audit reporting enhancements

SSL Secure Login

i-Timesheets now uses 128-bit extended Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to provide secure communication of your data over the Internet.

SSL Secure Login

Microsoft Active Directory IntegrationMicrosoft Active Directory Integration

If your organisation uses Microsoft Active Directory for organizing and managing users on your network, then i-Timesheets can leverage your MS Active Directory to authenticate and authorise user access to i-Timesheets deployed on your network.

Integration with the latest MYOB releases

i-Timesheets v5.4 will integrate with MYOB’s latest suite of AccoutingRight and AccountingEdge products for both the Australian and New Zealand versions of MYOB.

New Versions supported:

  • MYOB AccountRight 2012,2013
  • MYOB AccountRight Plus 2012,2013
  • MYOB AccountRight Standard 2012,2013
  • MYOB AccountingEdge 2012,2013

Other Enhancements

  • The Project Timesheet Report now defaults to the date range previously selected for other reports.  A check box was also incorrectly labelled ‘Add Task’ on this report.  This has been corrected to ‘Add Description’.
  • The Staff Admin page text search has been extended to include additional fields such as the Logon ID.
  • Fixed an issue with MS IE 10 causing the calendar control on reports to display the wrong century.
  • The column previously labelled Authorisor in the Audit Trail Report is now labelled Manager.
  • Performance of screens such as the time add/edit, check times and staff time tracking report has been significantly improved for large datasets.
  • The Cost Code Summary report displayed the heading ‘Percentage ex GST’.  The reference to the tax code has been removed and now reads as ‘Percentage’.
  • i-Timesheets has always suppressed the display of zero hours.  In some contexts zero hours are now displayed as 0.00.  This is particularly the case on timesheets for week and period totals, and in other contexts it indicates a zero-time entry.
  • The View Timesheet screen attempts to compensate for errors in the clock of a remote machine when calculating time-zone offsets which in the past under rare circumstances could result in the wrong day being highlighted as the current day.  This has been fixed.
  • In the Project multiselector dialog box a dropdown was labelled ‘Status’, and, since it could refer to either Customer or Project status.  The dropdown list is now labelled ‘Project Status’ to avoid any ambiguity.
  • Admin screens and reports with large result lists would occasionally exceed the size of the Web server’s output buffer.  The buffer is now flushed periodically to prevent buffer overflow failures.
  • In very rare circumstances the timesheet authorisation emails would include links which did not lead the authorisor to the correct data, and instead said that ‘no data could be found’.
  • The release of admin features to view and edit tables sometimes resulted in the edit privilege not being granted, particularly in the case of the ability to edit other users’ time records.
  • The code which detects concurrent sessions and allows recovery now automatically cancels the existing session and starts a new one.
  • The Project Task Budget report now includes time for which no Task is assigned.
  • TimeClock now supports time capture across multiple locations.
  • A new configuration option has been added to disable the display of financial values (charge and cost rates) on reports released to Managers.
  • Accounting system Integration:
    • Exports now offer many more options in the drop downs for deriving values from key tables including Staff, Customers, Suppliers, Projects, Tasks (note options do vary for different accounting systems).
    • QuickBooks timesheets export could under very specific circumstances summarise rather than displayed individual time records. This has been fixed.
    • The Accounting System Import could fail if some fields were not present in the import file.  The function has been made more robust.
    • QuickBooks Class now added as a drop down option in the QuickBooks Timesheet and Expenses export screen.

Coming soon: i-Timesheets version 5.4

v54Intertec are proud to announce the next release of i-Timesheets v5.4, packed with new features that are designed to streamline your time sheet tracking and management processes.

i-Timesheets enhancements are largely based on feedback from our valued customers and reflects our strong commitment to provide you with software that continues to add ‘real’ value to your business.

Here is a summary list of some of the enhancements included in our v5.4 release.

  • Manager Timesheet Authorisation Screen
  • New Compact Interface for both Desktop and Smartphones
  • Additional Reference and Note fields on Admin and Export Screens
  • New Time Entry Start/Stop Timers
  • Manager and Audit Reporting Enhancements
  • SSL Support
  • Plus more…

Track time with more power: i-Timesheets 5.2 release

i-Timesheets v5.2 boasts a range of enhancements that make i-Timesheets a more powerful and more efficient web timesheets system for your business. With v5.2, we extend i-Timesheets’s accounting package integration to include QuickBooks. You can now integrate i-Timesheets with QuickBooks for invoicing, Bills, Timesheets and Expenses.

New major enhancements

QuickBooks Integration
i-Timesheets has been significantly enhanced to integrate with QuickBooks for invoicing and timesheets. You can now:

  • Import Quickbooks Customers and Suppliers into i-Timesheets to set up your i-Timesheets Customer and Supplier records.
  • Export time records and expenses as QuickBooks Invoices, Bills, Timesheets and Expenses.

Time Entry Replication
Time recorded for a given day can now be copied to one or more other days via an Advanced Options link at the bottom left of the Time Entry screen. This new feature can be enabled/disabled via a Configuration option in the i-Timesheets Settings. This is a quick and convenient way to save time if users have to enter the same times across a number of days or weeks. For example entry of extended holiday leave.

i-Timesheets Co-branding
Co-branding gives you the option of having your company logo appear in the i-Timesheets application. Co-branded systems will display your company logo, followed by the caption “powered by i-Timesheets”. While a select few of our i-Timesheets v5.1 customers adopted an earlier version of the co-branding functionality, the i-Timesheets v5.2 upgrade builds on the technology in that the feature has now been fully implemented to include co-branding across i-Timesheets screens, timesheet templates and standard reports. Note: Consulting fees apply for co-branded i-Timesheets systems.

Enhanced Data Exports
Major improvements have been made to the i-Timesheets Data export function, which now allows you to create and save data exports to re-run at later dates. In addition to the Time and Expense data exports, you can now also export Attendance data.

You can also edit existing saved Exports, or make a copy of an existing saved Export.

Check Manager Authorisations
A new “Check Managers” function has been added to the Timesheet-Check screen to resend Managers any pending authorisation emails for timesheets. This circumvents the previous workaround of unlocking and re-submitting staff timesheets in order to resend the authorisation emails.

Forgotten Password Reset
Users who have forgotten their passwords can now reset their passwords for themselves without having to contact their i-Timesheets administrator.

New Staff Cost Detail Report
A new Staff Cost Detail Report has been created which is similar to the existing extensively used Project Cost Detail Report but is Staff-focussed rather than Project-focussed.

New Multi-tab Configuration Settings Screen
The i-Timesheets Configuration Settings screen has been made more user-friendly via an enhanced tabbed interface. Each Configuration Setting category is now represented by its very own Tab. Click on a Category Tab to view the configuration settings in that category.This tabbed interface makes it easier to quickly configure your i-Timesheets settings. You can make multiple configuration changes across different Categories all at once, and then click the Save Settings button to commit the changes you have made.

Enhanced Global Projects
Our powerful Global Project function has been significantly enhanced. Staff which had not previously been allocated to Global Projects can now be assigned to Global Projects, and i-Timesheets will retroactively create the relevant Staff Project Records allocating Staff to all Global Projects. Similarly, existing i-Timesheets Projects which were not previously marked as Global Projects can now be set as Global Projects, and i-Timesheets will retroactively create the relevant Staff Project Records allocating Staff to this Global Project.

Other Enhancements

Project Lists and Multi Selectors: Project selection lists in reports now show the disabled Projects at the end of the list flagged with a different background colour. Reports which have a project dropdown with the new multi-selector now only show active Projects by default. In addition, new multi-selectors for Staff and Projects have been introduced on many reports/exports and the Batch Print screen.

Full description text displayed in Time and Expense entry screens: The full Description text can now be viewed in a pop up when you move your mouse pointer over the Description field in the Time Entry or Expense Entry screens. This lets you read the full Description without having to click on the Description field and scrolling through the text entered there.

Date Selection on Reports: To improve the usability of reports, i-Timesheets now remembers and defaults to the most recent date range entered in reports during a given session.

Auditing of Tasks: The Audit module and Report has been updated to track inserts, deletions and changes to Global Tasks and Project Specific Tasks.

Accounting System Selection: You can now select your Accounting System from the i-Timesheets System Configuration settings. Choose between MYOB or Quickbooks.

New Alert Message if System has been Disabled for Normal Users: Should the “Normal Users May Access” configuration setting be set to Off, i-Timesheets will display a constant message informing Administrators that access has been set to Admin users only.

MYOB Integration Module Enhancements

  • MYOB Integration Module: We have updated the i-Timesheets MYOB Integration Module to enable integration with the latest range of MYOB Accounting and Business Products, including:

MYOB Account Right Standard 19x (Australia)
MYOB Account Right Plus 19x (Australia)
MYOB Account Right Premier 19x (Australia)
MYOB Account Right Enterprise 19x (Australia)
MYOB Accounting Edge 9
MYOB Account Right Standard 19x (New Zealand)
MYOB Account Right Plus 19x (New Zealand)
MYOB Account Right Premier 19x (New Zealand)
MYOB Account Right Premier with Payroll 19x (New Zealand)
MYOB Account Right Enterprise 19x (New Zealand)
MYOB Accounting Edge 9 (New Zealand)

  • Enhanced MYOB Activity Slips Export: The MYOB Activity Slips Export has been extensively enhanced to now give you the ability to export Expense records as well as Time records. In addition, many new options have been introduced to allow significant flexibility in the mapping of fields between i-Timesheets’s available fields and the MYOB Activity Slips fields. Key enhancements include the following:
  • The ability to export Expense records as Activity Slips.
  • More options for content to be included in the Notes field (now extended to optionally include Project Description, Task External ID and the MYOB Line Item Order).
  • The option to select the Value to be supplied as Rate in the Activity Slips Export. You can choose to use the Staff Project Charge Rates stored in i-Timesheets, or to use the Rates stored in MYOB.
  • Options for values to be supplied as Activity ID, MYOB Job and MYOB Payroll Category now include: Projects MYOB Job number, Staff Projects Cost Code, Staff Projects Description, Staff Projects MYOB Activity ID, Staff Projects Role, Staff Reference, Task Description, Task External ID or a value entered by the Admin User.
  • Multiple Customers, Projects, Staff, Staff Type and Expense Codes can now be selected for the same Activity Slips export (previously, single selection or all was only available for each category).
  • The various export selections that you choose are now saved for when you next run the export.
  • MYOB Customers and Suppliers: When a MYOB Customer or MYOB Supplier record is created manually (ie. not via importing from MYOB), you can now select to generate the corresponding i-Timesheets Customer or Supplier record automatically.